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Sahara Rose Pure Indulgence Hydrating Duo | Beauty Gift set


Set Includes:

Luminous Clarifying Cleanser

This gentle PH-balanced cream cleanser is made of an illuminating blend of pomegranate and cactus enzymes, soothing rose and natural oils. It gently deep cleans the skin without over-drying. It effectively removes makeup and impurities, leaving the skin nourished, soft and radiant.


This concentrated serum contains antioxidant-rich stabilized vitamin C and a combination of fruit enzymes and nutrients, including watermelon, carrot, prickly pear, and mushroom. This glow-boosting blend works together to reveal bright, radiant skin. This formula is also enriched with concentrated hyaluronic molecules to hydrate, plump, and help revive tired, dull complexion.

Powerful Tri-Peptide, vegetable Ceramides, and firming moth bean (a botanical alternative to retinol) leave skin looking soft and dewy.

The ultimate hydrating 2-step ritual nurtures healthy, radiant skin, while elevating your daily skin care routine to a daily moment of indulgence.

Named after the resilient desert rose that blooms and flourishes even in harsh climates, SAHARA ROSE Hydrating Duo Set maintains your skin’s radiance in any environment.

Set includes: 

Hydrating Radiance mist (3.4 fl. oz/ 100ml e)

Divine Beauty Serum (1 fl. oz/ 30ml e)

Featured in: New Beauty, Organic Spa Magazine